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Hold my heart like a hot potato;

Push the clock for an hour later

Gem Vakarian
12 August 1989
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❝i was told there would be cheesecake and party favors❞

I am not the most eloquent person. I tend to write short, choppy entries, post half-finished doodles at artstiel, or make videos of me plucking away at a guitar in a mediocre fashion. And that's when I post at all.

When I post, there is an outrageous chance that it will be about Mass Effect or, with a somewhat lesser probability, Skyrim. Occasionally I admit to being in Supernatural fandom.

In closing, here is a picture of Mike Hawke that my beloved Ceyface drew for me:

#lofnotc, CAPSLOCK, amanda palmer, annoying my mother, antivan leather, apocalyptica, apple-headed sam, art, batman, being a guitar hero, being interested in stuff, being married to garrus, bioware, blasphemy, buffy the vampire slayer, butchering beloved songs, castiel, chinese food, claspclasp, classic rock, completely abusing capslock, cosplay, crack, der humpink, dragon age, empire strikes back, ewan mcgregor, fabulous accents, fandom, fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, firefly, flailing, frolicking in open fields, futurama, glorious hairflips, graphic design, harry potter, hating riordan, hed pastede on yay, hitchhiker's guide, holy tax accountant batman!, i hate the landsmeet, interstatual girls of mystery, jade empire, jansen eckles, jon stewart, kotor, led zeppelin, lee pace, leverage, lollygagging, lord of the rings, making costumes, making inappropriate jokes, mashi cillons, mass effect, misha collins, mishmallows, monty python, mountain dew, muse, musicals, mythbusters, naming inanimate objects, oblivion, photoshop, piano, procrastinating, producing cracked-out creations, pushing daisies, rachael yamagata, radiohead, reading badfic for lulz, really disturbing innuendo, revan, righteous smiting, rock band, singing off key, socks, sparklepires, special!castiel, star wars, steampunk, supernatural, surviving the impending apocalypse, taking random classes, the daily show, the dresden dolls, the fall, traveling to far-off lands, trips to special hell, ukulele, using photoshop for evil, voluntary insomnia, watchmen, world domination, xbox 360, yelling, ~*unicorns*~,


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